To sign up for a large item trash pickup online, please complete the following steps.

  1. Complete this form and click the submit button at the bottom of the page.
  2. Pay the large item pickup fee by following the link displayed on the next screen.
    NOTE: The non-refundable fee for a large item pickup appointment is $35 for the first pickup, $50 for the second, and $100 for the third and all subsequent pickups. The pickup fee schedule uses a rolling calendar year that is measured backward from the date of purchase.
  3. Following completion of the payment transaction, call Public Works at (434) 970-3830 to schedule your pickup.
Phone Number

Please note the following prior to purchasing and scheduling your appointment, then SUBMIT at bottom:

  • Materials scheduled for pickup may not be placed at the curbside earlier than 7:00 A.M. the day prior to collection. Also, materials scheduled for pickup may not be placed at curbside later than 7:00 A.M. of the scheduled day for Large Item collection.
  • Materials must be placed curbside where applicable. If the curbside is not an option then materials may be placed behind the sidewalk within 20’ of the city maintained right of way. Materials should never be placed on the sidewalk for collection. Materials should not be place under trees with low limbs or under utility lines.
  • The average maximum wait for a scheduled pick-up date is two weeks, but may vary according to demand.
  • Residential addresses receiving curbside trash and recycling collection are eligible for this service. Business addresses are ineligible for large item pickup.
  • Recyclable cardboard, automotive parts, hazardous waste, tires, paint, liquid waste, h-hold trash, contractor spoils and any construction debris may not be disposed of via large item pickup.
  • The maximum volume limit per pick-up is one dump truck load (10’ by 8’ by 6’). Please call Public Works at 970-3830 if you need assistance determining the size of your load.
  • Brush must be between 3 and 10 feet in length, and no greater than 6 inches in diameter. If you have paid a contractor to cut down a tree or trim hedges, the city will not dispose of the tree or hedges. In these cases, the contractor or homeowner must dispose of such material through another means other than Large Item Pickup. Brush must be placed in a separate pile and not mixed with other debris for collection. Brush pile should not contain any other wood debris such as posts, boards or any other manufactured wood.
  • Large item appointments are not refundable, nor transferable to another property; payments for cancelled pickups may be used to reschedule another available pickup for the same property at a later date.

After payment, please remember to call Public Works at (434) 970-3830 to schedule your pickup.